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Houtman Sub-basin

Release Areas W17-9 and W17-10, offshore Western Australia


Bids close on Thursday 22 March 2018

  • First release of acreage in the underexplored northern Houtman Sub-basin
  • Up to 19 km of sediments in the main depocentre
  • Likely presence of Permian, Triassic and Jurassic oil- and gas-prone source rocks
  • Potential for large volumes of hydrocarbons expelled since the Triassic
  • Wide variety of potential traps at different stratigraphic levels
  • These release areas are considered to be lightly explored, refer to supporting information
  • Further guidance available, refer to 2017 Special Notices

Release Areas W17-9 and W17-10 are located from 100 km to 300 km west of Carnarvon, on the Western Australian coast, in water depths of 100 m to over 3000 m (Figure 1). This acreage overlies the northern extension of the Houtman Sub-basin, an area that has not been released previously. This part of the sub-basin is adjacent to the Bernier Platform in the east, and the Cuvier Abyssal Plain, Wallaby Saddle and the Perth Abyssal Plain, in the west. Release Area W17-9 consists of 316 graticular blocks (24 445 km2). Release Area W17-10 consists of 320 graticular blocks (24 465 km2). The Release Areas cover an underexplored region, with sparse seismic coverage and no well control. However, results from a recently acquired 2D seismic survey (GA-349) in the northern Houtman Sub-basin, combined with regional mapping of the northern Perth Basin, geophysical modelling and petroleum systems analysis, suggests substantial prospectivity of this region.